Essential Beauty & Holistic Therapies

Essential Beauty & Holistic Therapies




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Dealing with the ‘whole’ person is what holistic therapy is about, instead of the symptoms we look beyond this.These therapies will restore the balance of the body allowing healing to take place. Holistic therapies are not only a stress release, but can prevent ill health and calm the mind and body. All massage body treatments include the scalp.




Essential oils are extracted from natural substances eg, fruit, plants and trees. Each oil has its own unique property to help aid and ease symptoms of illness and stress as well as aches and pains.These oils are blended with a carrier oil which literally pushes the oils like a medicine into the blood stream. This detoxifies the body and improves health issues. Oils are applied via specific massage technique.


Full Body Aromatherapy Massage £55.00

Back Aromatherapy Massage         £40.00




This ancient American treatment involves a body scrub, hot towel, Aromatherapy massage followed by deep heat massage with warm volcanic stones. These balsamic natural stones create deep muscle relaxation, encouraging healing through increased blood flow. Releasing tension and stress and improving circulation.


Full Body Hot Stone Massage from £65.00

Back Hot Stone Massage  frpm        £45.00




A deep tissue body massage gets rid of knots and tension and oils the skin, improving circulation and aids relaxation.


Full Body Massage  £50.00 60 mins  1 hour and 30 mins £75.00

Back Massage          £40.00 30 mins   45 mins                     £47.00




As reflexologists we believe that the body is mapped out on the feet. By just looking at the feet it is apparent where there are blockages and problems.

Accupressure points are applied via massage technique to release any toxins and restore the body back to its original state. A very powerful and relaxing treatment it will boost the immune system and can help many symptoms of illness.     £40.00



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